Point Supported Glass Systems

Palmetto-Wall-2The development of technology in the heavy (thick monolithic) glass industry combined with modern design demand for clean, uncomplicated, economical, and graceful building lines as well as facades have led to the creation of point-supported and standoff glass systems. By pushing the envelope in design requirements, the ultimate frameless glazing system without obstruction of view was achieved with point-supported and standoff arrangements. These systems contain high strength and quality fittings, clams, connectors, rods, cables, and supports that allow you to construct all glass buildings, rooms, partitions, walls, awnings, and canopies by utilizing various thickness of glass.

With a multitude of high quality stainless steel finishes, modern systems that Innovative Glass implements can aesthetically accommodate architectural designs of any degree for any application. Whether it be surface changes by transferring the loads of the structure or change the aesthetics of the building, these flexible and accurate connectors can compensate for uneven surfaces and building tolerances by a variety of adjustments for any retro-fit. The glass-to-glass, glass-to-wall, or glass-to-structure projected with flush mounted fittings and connectors can create a three-dimensional look as well as a clean flush appearance, allowing unobstructed natural light to enter from all angles.

Project Use and Application:

  • Partitions and Walls
  • Building facades and canopies
  • Complete free standing rooms
  • Entry awnings
  • Hand rails
  • Retail displays and showcases
  • Advertising and signage
  • All glass doors
  • Sports partitions
  • Shelving
  • Desks and furniture