Custom Glasswork

The combination of new technologies and the demands of our society have sent glass products to new heights with sand-blasting textures and design possibilities such as laminated silk-screened graphics and color, three-dimensional textures and pattern, as well as kiln-formed cast glass. In addition, there have been advancements in fire-rated resistant glass, hurricane impact-rated glass, ballistic, bomb and blast resistance, “u”-channel profile structural shaped glass, and heavy glass to fit architectural application in residential, commercial, and industrial instances.

While custom glass can be radiant and artistic, they can also supply almost undetectable security and protection of property by using impact rated glass. Modern visual effects that would enhance any environment or bring a new bold and dramatic look to life can be accomplished by utilizing kiln-form cast, which is laminated graphic colors or dimensional textured glass. In the same way, fire-rated glass can offer certified safety and well-being while maintaining a subtle and secure transparent surrounding.

Our clients’ expectations are met by the quality of colors, unsurpassed design techniques, personalized creations, and the establishment of a one-of-a-kind atmosphere through the use of our unique products.

Product Use and Application:

  • Signs, logos, and focal points
  • Interior or exterior art
  • Wall hangings or standalone art
  • Furniture
  • Office furnishings and receptionist desks
  • Retail displays and shelving
  • Feature and partition walls
  • Restaurants and theater dividers
  • Night clubs and dance halls
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Hotel and motel design
  • Commercial, industrial, or manufacturing protection
  • Multi-floor and class “A” office space protection
  • Coastal weather and blast protection
  • Building fronts and facades
  • Canopies and entrances
  • Railings and safety partitions
  • Shower enclosures/surroundings